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Hiya guys!!! How ya' doin'? The party was amazing :D!! I knew everyone that was there and I actually thought I'd only know one or two. It did help by the fact we were going bowling and everyone had to put their names on the screen so it made it easier for me to remember them. Anyway lets talk stories, well, first of all I think the main story of the night was when Irvine through the ball up and onto the lane on the left of us :O!!! It went really high!!!!!! Basically all through the three games we played there was a really dodgy ball, the fingers fitted fine but the thumb was always to small and would get stuck on your thumb. And yes you guessed it Irvine picked up that ball and it went flying, soaring, ROCKETING into the next lane!!! Fortunately we were bowling on that lane as well so it wasn't exactly embarrassing. We watched a zombie film called I Am Legend (rated 15 but we were being naughty for that night) when we went back to Irv's. Unfortunately everyone was talking all the way through :[. My Dad has just got back so I've gotta' go out now. C' U' L8R!!!
Aloha! Its good to see you (even though I can't)! First of all merry Christmas everyone and Happy 2012!!! My Christmas holiday wasn't special, I got some thirty quids worth of headphones so that i can drum without having to have my music to loud when I drum. The quality of them is incredible and they were well worth the thirty pounds. Today is my friend Irvine's birthday (yes my future self he turned 13) and his party is on Saturday. We were going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie but it wasn't showing so we're going bowling and then going back to his house. I feel really special though because he's asked if I could stay for the night :D! Only me as well!!! Then in the morning we are going to walk to church. I can guarantee that we'll be talking about funny moments for weeks! It's going to be great because I know most of his friends already so I won't have to make to many friends either. I'll see you next week (maybe).
Ellooo!! I'm back (again) to talk about my amazing time (again) at the Switchfoot gig!!! They sung less songs from the new album than I thought they would but still a highlight of my life. I'll never forget it :D. The stadium was the HMV institute in Birmingham and the stage was set up at the front (obviously) with a space on the floor for people to stand-which is where we were-and two balcony's on either side but apparently you had to pay extra to go up there :(. But anyway at one point during the gig Jon, the lead singer, went onto the left balcony and sang an entire song up there. It was so cool :D!!! He started to go near the edge and everyone thought he was going to fall of! There was loads of tall people there and I could hardly see anything from on the floor and I really wanted to see the drummer and what he was doing, but oh well. I'm not about to start complaining :P. See you next week and thanks for reading :).
HEYAAAAAA!!! Officially 13, officially got Facebook :D!!! Haven't got any prezzys yet because we are so short on money :(. But no worry's because my dad got paid a few days ago so I'm having my birthday tea tonight which is just classic pizza (mmmmm). I did get one thing I'd asked for which was a cymbal stand, but I had asked for two. I'm hoping I can get another one along with a crash-ride cymbal, but they aren't cheap :/. The cymbal is £63 and the stand is around £17, I got thirty pounds for my birthday but mum said she and dad would spend a bit as well :). Although I'd also like to get a new pair of jeans because I spilt paint on a pair when I was painting the Kript. What's the Kript you say? Well the Kript is this place under the stage at our church and it was an absolute mess so the youth went down there and gave it a huge makeover! We put loads brighter colours down there and put awesome designs on the walls! We used: King's Red, Silk Green, Funky Purple, Chocolate Milkshake and Taxi Yellow! When we fist went down there there was a painting of Pink Panther popping out of the wall but we kept that and put a TV round him as if he was popping out of it! There was another wall that-before we went down there-had splatted paint on it, but we thought we'd redo it with brighter colours. So we painted the wall white and threw a new coat of paint on it, literally! The last wall I'm going to mention is the hall wall and we painted it fully green then put a sillouhette of a city on it! We started on Thursday, slept over at the church then finished on Friday. I had a great half-term but I've done half an hour of typing now so it's chow for now!!!
Hey peeps I have arrived!!!! Haven't got much to talk about now that I've said everything. Although My Dad has arranged for me and a friend to go and see Switchfoot. My favourite band!!! They are coming on tour in Britain to advertise their new album Vice Verses, it sounds Awesome :D!!!! You can find them on Youtube. Anyway the guys in the band are Tim Foreman (bass and vocals), Chad Butler (drummer), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboard and vocals) and finally Jon Foreman (lead singer and guitar). I'm going to see them as my party and by the way my b'day is in a few weeks :D, so excited!!!! See you next week!!!
Hello citizens of the earth!!! Just thought I could tell you a bit extra about the hols, starting with Splash Landing. Splash Landing is basically the Alton Towers water park and some of you may have been. Anyway me and a friend went and came back with cuts all over our bodies (no this isn't a complaint). The ground is made with really sharp concrete so whenever you scrape the bottom you come back up with one extra cut. That's probably the only problem though. This is the second time I have been to Splash Landing with my friend but I didn't get battered that time. It is a great park and I highly recommend it. They have a climbing frame and every five minutes a HUUUUUGE bucket of water comes pouring down on top of you and they have an outside spa and slides. Their are slides inside though, I forget the name of the best one but I do know that one of them is called Water Works. You have to use rubber dinghy's on them both and the best one you can go down on a double ring or a single. Another thing I forgot to mention in last weeks writing were 2 Christian youth groups run by my friends grandparents, YG and Check It Out. The kids in both groups come from rough backgrounds where their parents smoke and drink and generally teach their kids stuff they shouldn't be doing. Some of them are already smoking and get beaten up at school. But their is hope!!! Two of the kids believe in God, Nathaniel and James. They both want to be baptised :D!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Just please do keep all those kids in your prayers and pray for James and Nathaniel, that they will be witnesses to the other kids. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Hello to the world!!!!!!!! Sorry I havn't written in so long, with the holidays on I guess I was just busy. I'm here now though and here to tell you what I did. Well the first weeks were really boring and we weren't planning on goin' on holiday but fortunately for me my friend had invited me to come to Scotland with him, his big sister and her friend. So we all went on the train by ourselves to Carlisle where we met my friends Grandparents (which was who we were staying with) and me and my friend became a 'big fat lady' for the rest of the week because we didn't all fit in the back of the car. I better add that I have been to my friends grandparents house 4 times before so I know them well. when we got there we found out which room we'd be staying in and dumped our stuff there then immediately ran outside to see their new welsh pony, prince (what an eater he is). My friends grandparents live right in the middle of nowhere and have acres of land, which means loads of space to run around. They have a collie called Harvey and I've told you about Prince. In their back garden they have a very small gorge or a massive ditch-which ever is easier to say- where they have a log swing which swings right out over the massive ditch. I managed to stay on all week till the last day when I fell off into this ditch and ALMOST landed in a massive pile of nettles. But my favourite part about the whole weeks was when I got bitten by a mole, yep, that's right, a mole. Basically Harvey found a mole and started chucking it all over the place and the mole was squealing and rubbing it's hands all over it's face, you had to feel really sorry for it. Unfortunately someone did, Rachael, (my friend Irvine's sister Aoife's friend, if you follow me) she shouted "someone pick it up!" so I said "oh fine" and picked it up by the body instead of the scruff of the neck so it wheeled round and bit my hand as hard as it could. Although I don't blame it because it can't exactly tell whether I'm saving it or trying to kill it. Moles are blind!!!!!!! Fortunately for the mole it got away, but I don't know if it survived because it had quite a lot of injuries. We had an AWESOME week, it was probably the best week of my life AND it left me with a story to tell my kids!!! Then a couple of days ago I went to Splash Landing which is an amazing water park but I don't have time to tell that story. So it's chow for now!!!