Hiya guys!!! How ya' doin'? The party was amazing :D!! I knew everyone that was there and I actually thought I'd only know one or two. It did help by the fact we were going bowling and everyone had to put their names on the screen so it made it easier for me to remember them. Anyway lets talk stories, well, first of all I think the main story of the night was when Irvine through the ball up and onto the lane on the left of us :O!!! It went really high!!!!!! Basically all through the three games we played there was a really dodgy ball, the fingers fitted fine but the thumb was always to small and would get stuck on your thumb. And yes you guessed it Irvine picked up that ball and it went flying, soaring, ROCKETING into the next lane!!! Fortunately we were bowling on that lane as well so it wasn't exactly embarrassing. We watched a zombie film called I Am Legend (rated 15 but we were being naughty for that night) when we went back to Irv's. Unfortunately everyone was talking all the way through :[. My Dad has just got back so I've gotta' go out now. C' U' L8R!!!


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